Latin America

Climate & environment - Apr 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Ban Carbon Emissions, Don’t Price them: Why Cap and Dividend is the Best Approach
Why CEOs want carbon laws
Panama rainforest growing back?

archived April 23, 2009

Climate & water - April 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Top scientists to gather at "350 Climate Conference" at Columbia U. May 2 (registration open)
Trees may dry up with global warming
Retreat of Andean glaciers foretells global water woes
Dry taps in Mexico City: a water crisis gets worse

archived April 17, 2009

Water - April 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Water crisis rocks LA, Mexico City; who's next?
Peru faces water versus oil dilemma
Industrial farms could leave eastern Wash. with dry wells

archived April 11, 2009

Food & agriculture - April 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

American ingenuity in Haiti (composting toilets)
To urban hunter, next meal is scampering by
Small farms, big rules
Loggers try to adapt to greener economy

archived April 5, 2009

Food & agriculture - March 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

World hunger, the crisis inside the economic crisis
Lappé: The city that ended hunger (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Food for free: how to make nettle soup from foraging
How might we be fed?
Classic Book Review: "How to Grow More Vegetables..."
New way to farm boosts climate, too

archived March 14, 2009

The global south - March 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Mexico: A Collapse Update from Jeff Vail
Chris Nelder on Mexico
Our Friends in The South

archived March 13, 2009

Economics - March 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Kurgmann: The big dither
Will Keynesianism be enough to halt the investment decline?
Roubini says recession may continue until end of 2010
How should Venezuela face the coming recession?

archived March 7, 2009

Reseña del libro „The Transition Handbook“ de Rob Hopkins

Holger Hieronimi,

(Review in Spanish of the "Transition Handbook")
Durante el último mes, hemos sido lectores atentos del libro „The Transition Handbook“, de Rob Hopkins, un eco-constructor, diseñador y maestro de permacultura inglés. Queremos recomendar ampliamente esta obra. Ya que es, lo que estábamos buscando las personas interesadas en soluciones, estrategias y procesos creativos, con una perspectiva „de abajo hacia arriba“, para actuar creativamente frente a los múltiples desafíos del descenso energético y cambio climático.

archived February 28, 2009

Economics & consequences - Feb 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Zbigniew Brzezinski warns of class warfare and riots
Huge protest over Irish economy
Latvia’s government falls on economic toll
In parched Argentina, worries over economy grow
Britain faces summer of rage - police
Jobless, restless China: 20 million and growing

archived February 23, 2009

Agency and community resilience

Lenore Newman and Ann Dale, People and Place

For a community to thrive in a complex environment, it must strike a delicate balance between planning proactively and remaining alert to emergent, unexpected changes.

archived February 11, 2009