Latin America

Renewables & efficiency - June 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

La Revolucion Energetica: Cuba's energy revolution
Global warming: send in the tanks (the magic of immersion heaters)
Urban energy innovation in the global South

archived June 21, 2009

Food & agriculture - June 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Viva la Vegolución! Che Guevara's Granddaughter stars in PETA ad
New allies for food reform (American Medical Association)
1.02 billion people hungry
Detroit: Food fighters (special food issue)
The campesino struggle for sustainable agriculture in Paraguay

archived June 21, 2009

Dysfunction - June 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Globesity: How climate change and obesity draw from the same roots
Marijuana and Cocaine Should Be Legalized, Says Latin American Drugs Commission
Stand up for rural America while you still can

archived June 19, 2009

Conflict - June 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

'We are fighting for our lives and our dignity'
Heinberg on resource conflicts and the Peru oil standoff
Fighting over oil and water (oil shale)
The coming U.S.-Saudi fight over "energy independence"

archived June 13, 2009

Ethanol Summit 2009 and President Clinton

Kjell Aleklett, Aleklett's Energy Mix

When President Clinton made his first of six trips, Brazil was a poor nation that needed to borrow money from its wealthy brother. Today the roles are reversed. The USA now borrows money from the entire world while Brazil has money in its “piggybank”. The decisive change is that Brazil is on the way to becoming self-sufficient in oil and that they export ethanol, while the USA is becoming increasingly dependent on imported energy. Access to energy is decisive for a nation’s future.

archived June 5, 2009

Renewables & efficiency - May 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Why Obama Should Take Notes from Cuba on a Green Energy Revolution
Solar Carbon Payback
Resourceful Guy Builds Solar House, Solar Power, Solar Car

archived May 29, 2009

Peak oil & supplies - May 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Colin J. Campbell interview: "Time for solutions is running out"
Former CIBC chief economist Jeff Rubin: Peak-nik
Mexico oil exports plummet

archived May 23, 2009

Environment & climate - May 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Healing Mother Earth: E.O. Wilson talk
Glaciers go, leaving drought, conflict and tension in Andes
The flawed logic of the cap-and-trade debate
From ‘alarmed’ to ‘dismissive’: the six ways Americans view global warming

archived May 21, 2009

Manejo de agua en el descenso energético - “lo pequeño no solo es hermoso, sino la solución”

Holger Hieronimi,

Las noticias acerca del desabasto de agua en la Ciudad de México, nos vuelven a recordar una vez más una emergencia en puerta, la cual se está manifestando no solo en la capital, sino en todo el país (especialmente en el norte y centro). La crisis del agua puede ser interpretada como una de las múltiples consecuencias de los dos “fenómenos gemelos” de la actualidad, que se llaman cambio climático y descenso energético.

archived May 8, 2009

Food & agriculture - May 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Report: "Evaluating the Performance of Genetically Engineered Crops" (Union of Concerned Scientists)
Biochar good news, bad news
Brazil slave labor complaints rise (sugarcane ethanol)
Egypt orders slaughter of all pigs over swine flu

archived May 3, 2009