North America

Investing in durability

Guy R. McPherson, Nature Bats Last

If you are planning to withdraw, please tell me where you're going, and send directions. If not, it's time to start thinking about how you and your family or tribe will muddle through the years ahead. One word comes to mind: durability. If that wasn't the first word that came to your mind, I'm not surprised.

archived June 30, 2009

Culture Change round-up

Jan Lundberg, Culture Change

Bike carts, sailboats, Convergence, and the naked (bike ride) truth
Sailing vegetables in Puget Sound
Time to take the gloves off with Obama
Germany at a more real climate crossroads

archived June 29, 2009

United States - June 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Time Wastes Too Fast (a wonderful link)
Bartlett votes against cap-and-trade
Monbiot: Why do we allow the US to act like a failed state on climate change?
Recession brings 'Las Vegas dream' to an end
Hansen of NASA Arrested in Coal Country

archived June 27, 2009

Greater depressions: social and behavioral trends of economic collapse

Kathy McMahon, Peak Oil Blues

First, I look at similarities in unemployment, eviction and homelessness during the 1930’s and today. But in the second section, I was surprised to learn how similar the psychological, social and emotional impacts are between our Great Depression and theirs.

archived June 27, 2009

Have we reached an inflection point in economics history? “Indeflation” and energy

Chris Nelder, The Oil Drum

A fierce debate now rages among economists, investors, pundits and the puppetmasters of fiscal policy: What’s next, inflation or deflation?

archived June 26, 2009

Green shoots or rotten tomatoes: what are we "recovering" anyway?

Staff, Energy Bulletin

World Bank: Whoops!
Economic Recovery: Are Happy Days Here Again?
Toward a New Sustainable Economy

archived June 26, 2009

A shale gas boom?

Dave Cohen, ASPO-USA

My sympathy lies with skeptics. As someone who has written extensively about peak oil, I’ve encountered the human proclivity to hype a situation far beyond any semblance to reality time and time again—the Jack #2 discovery in the Gulf of Mexico comes to mind. Nevertheless, I’m going to say the jury is still out on this one.

archived June 25, 2009

Transport - June 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

U.S. Stimulus Puts Bullet Trains on the Fast Track
Don’t Fight The Powerful Trends Now Underway
Pump Prices Driving More to Mass Transit

archived June 25, 2009

The peak oil crisis: Stifling a rebound

Tom Whipple, Falls Church News-Press

Three months ago the collective wisdom of investors concluded that the recession was nearly over. This resulted in one of the faster rebounds the stock markets have ever known --- based on the flimsiest of evidence and much wishful thinking.

archived June 25, 2009

The history of Canada's first grain CSA - as told through the voices of its people

Jon Steinman, Deconstructing Dinner (via Global Public Media)

Since March 2008, Deconstructing Dinner has featured The Local Grain Revolution - a series tracking the evolution of Canada's first community supported agriculture (CSA) project for grain.

archived June 23, 2009