Shale oil

Oil and Gas: Facing the Music Before it Stops: Hubbert and Odum

Robert Wise, Democrats.US

I'm glad to see the surge of interest in the coming peak of world oil production, even though the prospect is grim. Once again, people are willing to think about non-renewable resources and the consequences of an economy based on them. ....Most of the new information stems from the work of two little-known scientists, both deceased: petroleum geologist M. King Hubbert and systems ecologist Howard Odum.

archived September 22, 2004

Canada: Shell unveils $4B in tar sands plans

Timothy Le Riche, Edmonton Sun

Shell Canada outlined $4 billion worth of expansions and de-bottlenecking at its Athabasca Oil Sands Project yesterday. The work will eventually bring the project to 500,000 barrels per day in production.

archived September 21, 2004

Oil: Are We Running Out?

David Deming, Second Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Conference

Predictions of imminent oil shortages have been made throughout the 20th century. Although all previous predictions have been false, in recent years a new generation of predictions based on the Hubbert model have become ascendant and attracted media attention.

archived January 11, 2000

Shale oil demonstration plant to close

ABC News, ABC News Online (Aus.)

Queensland Energy Resources, which runs the demonstration plant, says it will be placed into care and maintenance around September. The controversial project has been plagued by environmental issues.

archived July 21, 2004