Shale oil

Other Energy Headlines - 17 September, 2005

Staff, Energy Bulletin

US Oil shale - 20 years before reach 1mil/b/day / At Time of Epic Storms, Oil Industry Thinks Anew / US Dept Interior says onshore damage 'major hindrance' to Gulf oil recovery / Matt Simmons steps down as CEO of Simmons & Co. International

archived September 16, 2005

Other Energy Headlines - 26 August, 2005

Staff, Energy Bulletin

A Question Of Shale / Canadians Gear Up for Protest against Natural Gas Projects in Maine / Underground Coal-Gasification, Coal-to-Liquids Project in Australia / New chips lower PC power use

archived August 25, 2005

Turning tar sands into oil

Thomas J. Quinn, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Huge, tarlike deposits in Canada and Venezuela will be critical over the next 50 years to the supply of liquid fuels as the world's production of easily pumped oil plummets. Yet, turning this nonconventional oil source into synthetic oil is not likely to be the solution to our energy crisis, as some claim. Canada is no Saudi Arabia.

archived July 21, 2005

Oil: Caveat empty

Alfred J. Cavallo, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Without any press conferences, grand announcements, or hyperbolic advertising campaigns, the Exxon Mobil Corporation, one of the world's largest publicly owned petroleum companies, has quietly joined the ranks of those who are predicting an impending plateau in non-OPEC oil production. Their report, The Outlook for Energy: A 2030 View, forecasts a peak in just five years.

archived May 24, 2005

Survey of Energy Resources: Oil Shale

Walter Youngquist, World Energy Council

A background briefing on the vast scale of oil shale resources but the problems producing oil from them. Youngquist writes, 'The term "oil shale" is a misnomer. It does not contain oil nor is it commonly shale.'

archived April 23, 2005

US: Caution warranted on oil shale

DP Editorial, Denver Post

With crude-oil prices inching toward $60 a barrel earlier this month, renewed talk of tapping Colorado's vast oil-shale resources wasn't surprising. This time, federal lawmakers are wisely urging caution in possible shale development to avoid the dislocations of the frenetic oil-shale boom and bust of the early 1980s.

archived April 17, 2005

Staring down the barrel of a crisis

Trevor Sykes, Australian Financial Review

The world's oil production may be about to reach its peak - forever. Such apocalyptic prophecies often surface in the middle of the northern hemisphere winter. What is unusual is that this time the doomsday scenario has gained serious credibility among respected analysts and commentators.

archived January 14, 2005

US Dept of Energy office supports Peak Oil theory

EB / DoE, DoE

An office of the US Department of Energy addresses - and supports - Peak Oil research in this unusually frank document, Strategic Significance of America’s Oil Shale Resource. An essential reference.

archived December 16, 2004

Oil prices prompt another look at shale

Judith Crosson, MSNBC

The U.S. government said Tuesday it was ready to resurrect oil shale drilling in the Rocky Mountains, a technology heralded 30 years ago to boost America's energy output until it failed financially.

archived November 22, 2004

Shale's new hope

Gargi Chakrabarty, Rocky Mountain News

Shell is reconsidering decades old technology to attempt to produce liquids from shale oil in the US.

archived October 17, 2004