Shale oil

Other energy - Jun 6

Staff, EB

Water Shortage Affects Oil Shale /
US: Uncertainty Surrounds Plans for New Nuclear Reactors /
Australia state: Nuclear power 'not on' /
Australia fed: Energy debate must include nuclear option / Auto boom worsens China's energy crunch

archived June 5, 2006

Other energy - May 29

Staff, EB

Use of corn for fuel may push up prices of food /
Author Jeff Goodell on Big Coal /
Coal may be fuel of the future, but industry battles over path / Seven nation group to pursue fusion energy research /
Shale oil and co-products

archived May 28, 2006

Other energy - May 24

Staff, EB

London mayor opposes Thames salt water plant (fix leaks first) /
Squeezing oil out of stones in the Rockies (oil shale) /
A skeptic's view of nuclear energy (what are we arguing about?) / Still bullish on oil

archived May 23, 2006

Other energy - May 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

How Chernobyl affected future of nuclear power / Experts doubt oil shale answer to energy crisis /
Turning dirty coal into clean energy / Skepticism about green fuel /
Exxon CEO: Use less of our stuff / MIT technologies could double accessible world oil / Learn to live with coal

archived May 3, 2006

Peak oil - May 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Simmons and Yergin on NPR /
Julian Darley at Local Solutions Conference, NYC / Report for Congress: Oil shale: history, incentives, and policy (mentions PO) / Report for Congress: Navy ship propulsion technologies: options for reducing oil use (mentions sailpower) / Presentation on
future fuels for flag officers (Navy)

archived May 3, 2006

Peak oil - Apr 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Missing DOE report on peak oil and oil shale reappears /
Simmons: global energy war could happen over oil /
The "Hot" War: in business at the front line /
Are commodity prices threatening energy investments? /
Peak tires

archived April 22, 2006

Vision for meeting energy needs beyond oil

Jeroen van der Veer, Financial Times

Shell CEO is confident that enough investment will ensure that new extraction technology, LNG, oil shale, and more new technology, will provide enough green fossil fuels; no numbers included.

archived January 25, 2006

Oil shale may be fool's gold

Randy Udall and Steve Andrews, Denver Post

Buried underground in western Colorado
are a trillion tons of oil shale. For a century, men have tried and
tried again to unlock this energy source. But the rocks have proved
stubborn, promising much, delivering little.

archived December 18, 2005

Other energy - Nov 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

UK buys into next generation of nuclear power /
New Internationalist issue on nuclear power /
Ethanol is the future for public transport /
The cultural roots of UK's energy gap /
Green fuel plan 'will destroy rainforests' /
Will Canadian oil sands save the USA? /
Cleaning up coal: new, cleaner technologies /
Oil shale shows promise; towns have seen it before

archived November 11, 2005


Byron W. King, Agora Publishing Co., Whiskey & Gunpowder

After you discover oil, you can only produce it out of the ground one time... You have depleted the pores of the rocks, emptying them of the oil and gas that were formerly contained within. There is no "inflation" when it comes to the supply of oil. There is only depletion.

archived October 7, 2005