Shale oil

CERA says peak oil theory is faulty

Staff, Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA)

In contrast to [peak oil theory], a new analysis by Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) finds that the remaining global oil resource base is actually 3.74 trillion barrels -- three times as large as the 1.2 trillion barrels estimated by the theory’s proponents -- and that the “peak oil” argument is based on faulty analysis which could, if accepted, distort critical policy and investment decisions and cloud the debate over the energy future.

archived November 14, 2006

Exxon & peak oil

Tom Whipple, Falls Church News-Press

Why should we really care if Exxon runs around making speeches and buying newspaper ads proclaiming there is plenty of oil left? Other oil companies are doing the same though not quite as stridently, while a few are becoming much more cautious. Well, here is the problem.

archived November 9, 2006

Shale and oil sands - Oct 31

Staff, EB

TOD: Canadian oil sands production update /

Oil sands: Gargantuan destruction /

Coaxing oil from huge U.S. shale deposits /

Shell is going to the wall for oil

archived October 31, 2006

The Illusive Bonanza: Oil Shale in Colorado

James R. Udall, Steven B Andrews, Energy Bulletin

Why oil shale is unlikely to become a major supplier of liquid fuels.

archived December 4, 2005

Oil - Oct 18

Staff, EB

Pombo pushes for lower oil fees /
Costs rise for Petro-Canada to refine oilsands feedstock /

Stranded oil recovery and American energy independence /
OPEC to discuss output cut Oct. 19

archived October 18, 2006

Shale and oil sands - Sept 26

Staff, EB

Nuclear power required for oil sands production?

Aboriginal support of oil sands fracturing over water

Environmentalists want oil sands slowed

Chevron, Los Alamos to Study U.S. Oil Shale Deposits

archived September 26, 2006

Other energy - Aug 9

Staff, EB

How power-hungry cities drive projects like NYRI (electric grid) /
A power grid for the hydrogen economy / Energy experts working on oil-shale projects / Russian researchers say "hydrocarbons may take only decades to be formed"

archived August 9, 2006

Study cites plan to end U.S. oil imports

Matt Wald, NY Times

Sympathetic coverage of a plan by Roger Bezdek, coauthor of "The Hirsch Report." The four-part plan suggests: coal-to-liquid (Fischer-Tropsch process), pumping CO2 into old oil fields, biomass as a feedstock for synthetic fuel, and oil shale.

archived July 15, 2006

Peak oil - June 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Our future(s) #2: scenario coaster / PO group near Cleveland / U.S. and PO production: does it matter? / Labor MP: our only hope lies in a new energy world order / David Howell: End of the oil age in sight? / Kunstler: alt.brains

archived June 26, 2006

Other energy - June 18

Staff, EB

Iran grants Lukoil rights on oilfield exploitation / Looming energy crisis requires new 'Manhattan Project': US scientists / Popular Science: 10 steps to end America’s fossil-fuel addiction / "Oil shale development imminent" (skepticism) / Heads of Shell, ConocoPhillips, and Chevron on Meet The Press

archived June 18, 2006