Shale oil

United States - Oct 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Forget your silver bullet (unconventional fuels)

Lawmakers to Pentagon: Plan for climate change
Big Coal tries to recruit military to kindle a market
Air Force pursuing CTL fuel plant

archived October 5, 2007

United States - Oct 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Change in oil dollar denomination unlikely - oil companies
Air Force energy initiatives focus on fuel
DOW chairman: Strength needs energy
3-vol report on strategic unconventional fuels
Whatever happened to sharing the pie of prosperity?

archived October 3, 2007

Tar sands, oil shale - Sept 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Experts debate oil shale's future

Water for oil shale could complicate things
How Canada went from 21st to 2nd in world's oil reserves
Tar sands: the oil junkie's last fix

Alberta: The Saudi-Arabia of the North?

archived September 17, 2007

Energy Policy - Mar 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Chinese Premier vows targets must be met

Chinese Academy of Sciences on energy sources

Guardian: Giving up oil

Standard inertia from US Energy Department

Renewable energy fight likely to set EU summit mood

archived March 8, 2007

The Shell Answer Man and peak oil (parts 1 and 2)

Byron King, Whiskey & Gunpowder

I honestly admire and commend Shell CEO John D. Hofmeister for going around to discuss the energy predicament of the U.S. and the world. But what is with the Peak Oil denial by Shell?

archived February 25, 2007

Oil sands and shale - Dec 21

Staff, EB

The cautious U.S. boom in oil shale
Oil sands key target for global energy players
Toxic waste left in wake of oil sands extraction

archived December 21, 2006

Risks of exploiting low-quality sources of oil

Robert Sanders, UC Berkeley News

Soaring oil prices and demands for energy security are boosting the attractiveness of low-quality sources of petroleum, such as tar sands and coal, at the risk of causing significant environmental damage and increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, according to a new study.

archived December 11, 2006

Fuels for the transition - Dec 9

Staff, EB

Study: oil transition carries environmental risks
Risks of the oil transition
Nature Magazine special: Energy for a cool planet

archived December 9, 2006

Shale oil and tar sands - Nov 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

US approves shale oil projects

Israel sees shale replacing oil

Report: Oil sands global warming threat

Bitumen inventory blowout sale

archived November 17, 2006

Does the peak oil "myth" just fall down? - our response to CERA

Dave Cohen, The Oil Drum

The first of a comprehensive and in-depth set of rebuttals to the CERA report from The Oil Drum.

archived November 16, 2006