Shale oil

Prices & supplies - Nov 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Dash for oil highlights fears of Italy's regions
Interior Dept sets rules for oil shale program
Oil Shale Pushed as Domestic Oil Source, but Many Doubts Remain

archived November 18, 2008

Tar sands & oil sands - Sept 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Investors press for disclosure of tar sands' climate risk
Environmentalists target oil sands investors
Weak oil and debt markets may bedevil oil sands plans

archived September 18, 2008

Peak oil - Sept 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Hurricane Ike -'Within the current NHC storm path lies about 5 million bpd of US petroleum refining capacity'
An urban legend to comfort America: oil is oil, even if it is not oil
Energy vision 2050
Zac Goldsmith on PO
Hamish McRae: Cheap oil is not in our interest
NASA study shows how PO could impact climate
'Smart water' may boost oil production

archived September 11, 2008

Searching the “Panacea Pantry” for a quick fix

Randy Udall and Steve Andrews , ASPO-USA

Last week a Colorado senator published an article that offered a nuanced take on the prospects for oil shale development. He concluded: "To the boosters who think they have found the answer to our energy crisis, I say: We welcome you to our quest to develop oil shale on a commercial scale. But first let's put the horse back in front of the cart and all start pulling in the same direction. A reckless approach that heightens the risk of an oil shale bust would only set us back."

archived July 21, 2008

Deep thought: energy - Apr 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Review: Energy in Nature and Society
Hansen's letter to governor Gibbons of Nevada (fossil fuels and climate)
EROEI series: Tar sands and shale oil

archived April 16, 2008

United States - Dec 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Bush: nuclear is 'best' for greenhouse gases
Ralph Nader: Big Oil’s profit and plunder
Lakota group secedes from U.S.
2 million acres proposed for oil shale
Presidental candidates on energy, environment
As Bush signs energy bill, new issues emerge

archived December 22, 2007

Oil industry - Dec 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Fire shuts key Canada-U.S. pipeline
Big Gav on shale oil
Massive Canadian oilfield could be exploited using new system (THAI)

archived December 2, 2007

Outlook for fuel reserves

M. K. Hubbert, The Hubbert Tribute

Long and detailed analysis of the complete fossil fuel cycle by Dr. M. K. Hubbert (1976). Full text available as a PDF. Previously unavailable.

archived November 28, 2007

Media's advice for increasing global oil production

Roger Blanchard, Energy Bulletin

Flat global liquid hydrocarbons production and the concept of depletion appear to be taboo subjects for the U.S. media.

archived November 17, 2007

Energy industries - Oct 31

Staff, Energy Bulletin

College graduates heading to careers in ... the coal mines
Coal leaving a trail of environmental devastation
Oil shale may finally have its moment

archived October 31, 2007