Russia & Central Asia

Oil producers - Feb 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russian giant looms over Europe (Gazprom)
Brazil: An energized giant
Ghana: Crude oil - blessing or curse?
US sees Iran nuclear dispute going to 2009 (dwindling expectation of US airstrike)

archived February 29, 2008

Oil industry - Feb 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Venezuela settles with oil firms (except Exxon)
Russia's oil industry threatened by high taxes, maturing fields
BP goes back to petroleum
Hofmeister: emissions cap, expand drilling
Shell says cheap renewable energy far off

archived February 22, 2008

Venezuela, Russia - Feb 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Venezuela halts oil sales to Exxon Mobil

Exxon VP: Interested in 'fair market' discussions with Venezuela
Russia, Ukraine reach last-minute deal, avert gas cut
Ukraine president to meet Putin

archived February 13, 2008

Oil producers - Feb 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Bolivia's irresistible reserves
Clouds on Kurdistan's horizon
Omani company's output to decline for eighth year

archived February 12, 2008

Peak oil - Feb 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil sector's problem replacing reserves could worsen
Big picture Russia: oil production & taxes
CERA oil conference: the $22 trillion question
Deffeyes: the second Great Depression
Gail Tverberg's PO tutorial (part 2)
Keeping the oil flowing

Sheryl Crow’s apocalyptic peak oil song

archived February 8, 2008

Hard times - Feb 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Tajikistan 'facing catastrophe'
Frozen Tajikistan pleads for energy aid
Pakistan industry warns of economic turmoil due to energy crisis
Botswana power shortage a serious obstruction to growth

archived February 8, 2008

Oil producers - Feb 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russian economy succumbs to the oil curse
'Huge' gas field found off Iran
A frail economy raises pressure on Iran’s rulers
Canada's shifting sands
Geotimes on
oil around the world

archived February 5, 2008

Geopolitics - Jan 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

High oil prices prompt a scramble for Africa
An oil-powered Russia
Elites love to pig out on energy

archived January 25, 2008

Pipeline diplomacy - Jan 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Israel cuts off Gaza's electricity
Pipeline cements Russia’s hold on Europe’s gas supply
Why Russia is winning the pipeline war: Putin

archived January 20, 2008

Middle East - Jan 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Angry Iran warns Turkmenistan on gas

Iran Oil ministry ready to weather frost
Iraq: fuel crisis freezes life

Saudi Arabia scraps wheat growing to save water

archived January 16, 2008