Russia & Central Asia

Peaks and discoveries - Apr 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Petrobras discovers world's 3rd-largest oil field
Russian oil slump stirs supply jitters
Bakken no energy panacea

archived April 15, 2008

Peak Oil Review -- April 14th, 2007

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

An executive summary of weekly news from a US peak oil perspective, featuring:
- Production and Prices

- The Debate in Mexico

- Russia's Calvary Charge has Probably Ended

- Energy Briefs

archived April 14, 2008

Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet - excerpt from Klare's new book

Michael T. Klare, Energy Bulletin

Surveying the energy-driven dynamic that is reconfiguring the international landscape, Michael Klare, the preeminent expert on resource geopolitics, forecasts a future of surprising new alliances and explosive danger. (Excerpt from Chapter 1)

archived April 14, 2008

Peak oil - Apr 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Peak oil may worsen the climate crisis
Former OPEC official: Seeking a more stable oil market
Peak Oil 101
Shell CEO: Easy-to-produce oil, gas to peak in next decade
Russian March oil output falls again

archived April 3, 2008

Peak oil - Mar 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Udall, Lovins and Shell v-p on peak oil
Russian oil output to fall for first time in a decade
Sharon Astyk: Dissecting the Long Emergency

Peak oil is here, enjoy
Colin Campbell and the crack of doom

archived March 29, 2008

Oil prices and supplies - March 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Double-digit oil price is history: R S Sharma, head of India's ONGC
Lukoil won't send oil to German refiners in April
Cheney and Saudis: No short-term fix for oil prices
Things are beyond OPEC’s control
Oil falls on economy worries

Oil may fall as dollar rises, demand wanes

archived March 23, 2008

Food & agriculture - Mar 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Tim Flannery talks bio char and why we need to move into the renewable age

Russia sets new fertiliser export tariffs
Food miles skepticism

The local grain revolution
Deconstructing dinner in our schools

archived March 19, 2008

Arctic - Mar 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Jean Laherrere: Arctic oil and gas ultimates

Could Arctic ice melt spawn new kind of cold war?
Climate change may spark conflict with Russia, EU told

archived March 11, 2008

Russia - Mar 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia reduces NG to Ukraine by a quarter
Russia emerging as a global economic giant

Russian Feb oil exports slump, output stagnates

archived March 4, 2008

Geopolitics - Mar 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Iran shifts oil sales away from dollar
'Oil had nothing to do with US invasion of Afghanistan'

Oil money is coming - and there is little the west can do about it

archived March 2, 2008