Russia & Central Asia

Keeping fed

Dmitry Orlov, Club Orlov

In spite of the monumental failures of Soviet agriculture, the overall structure of Soviet-style food delivery proved to be paradoxically resilient in the face of economic collapse and disruption. The combination of local food stockpiles administered by politicians conditioned to treat bread riots as career-ending calamities, the prevalence of government institutions that attended to the sustenance of their employees and plenty of kitchen gardens, meant that there was no starvation and very little malnutrition. But will fate be as kind to the United States? (Book excerpt)

archived April 30, 2008

Geopolitics - Apr 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Klare: U.S. and China are over a barrel
Russia has no plans to cap carbon emissions
U.S. will rely on Iraq for a while

archived April 29, 2008

Oil prices & supplies - Apr 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin
archived April 25, 2008

Peak oil - Apr 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Where the oil rally goes
Russian oil has `peaked,' billionaire Vekselberg says
The Bakken Formation: How much will it help?

archived April 24, 2008

Has Russia's oil production peaked?

Dave Cohen, ASPO-USA

The answer might as well be yes. Their smallish medium-term growth possibilities are well-delineated. Longer term growth will require levels of investment that are not likely to to be forthcoming in time.

archived April 23, 2008

Oil & commodity prices - Apr 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russian oil drop may be inflating prices
Weak dollar hits the poor
Why new oil price highs?
Surge in NG price stoked by new global trade

archived April 21, 2008

Nikolai Baibakov (1911–2008)

Byron W. King, Whiskey & Gunpowder

ON A HOT DAY in July 1942 Joseph Stalin summoned before him a young mining engineer named Nikolai Baibakov. The supreme leader of the Soviet Union pointed out an obvious fact to his visitor. German armies were advancing into the Caucasus towards the strategic oil fields near Baku. Then came the dramatic gesture.

Stalin pointed two fingers at Baibakov’s head and said, “If you fail to stop the Germans getting our oil, you will be shot.” Then Stalin added “And when we have thrown the invader out, if we cannot restart oil production, we will shoot you again.”

archived April 20, 2008

Review: Reinventing Collapse by Dmitry Orlov

Amanda Kovattana, Energy Bulletin

In comparing the responses of the US and the Soviet Union to collapse, Orlov takes on the task of breaking it to American readers that the very successes that made them so rich (a few anyway) and so great, will help not at all.

archived April 19, 2008

Peak oil - Apr 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Middle East crude exports set to double in 2030

How not to prepare for peak oil
What future awaits Russia and the world after oil

archived April 18, 2008

Oil supplies - Apr 16

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil hits record, Britain calls for OPEC hike
Surprise discovery off coast of Brazil may confound the oil and gas doom-mongers
'Threat' to future of Russia oil
Krugman: 'This is what peak oil is supposed to look like'

archived April 16, 2008