Russia & Central Asia

Producers - June 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Shura member calls for oil production curbs in Saudi Arabia
Argentina halts Chile natural gas exports

Russia… energy priority #1

Caspian CPC May oil exports fall 9.5% vs April

Indonesia says good-bye OPEC, hello peak oil
Global net oil exports have declined for 2 years

archived June 4, 2008

Prices & supplies - June 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

CFTC to examine oil traders' intent, ex-officials say
Russian oil output down 0.3% in Jan-Apr 08
Behind skyrocketing oil prices

archived June 1, 2008

Peak oil - May 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Gordon Brown: The oil crisis is a global problem requiring global solutions
We're not yet at Hubbert's peak - call it instead 'de facto peak oil'
California mayor: How will local governments respond to large increases in energy bills?
Russia worried as oil production slides
New: Immer neue Preisschocks (+ Fatih Birol interview in German)

archived May 28, 2008

Peak oil (2) - May 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oil Reserves: Where Ghawar goes, the rest of OPEC follows
Oil price "head fake"?
CSM: Has Russian oil output peaked?

archived May 27, 2008

Deep thought - May 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Reinventing Collapse by Dmitry Orlov released
Panel Discussion: James Howard Kunstler and Nikos Salingaros
How the government could pay us to stay home and garden
Carolyn Baker: Rapid unraveling and the decline of adolescent America

archived May 24, 2008

Energy producers - May 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Bush to Arab nations: You're running out of oil

Russian energy chief urges gas export rethink
Saudi Arabia: The king versus the radicals

archived May 20, 2008

Stop me before I fill up again!

Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights

It is a supreme irony that a wealthy Bedouin should be playing the role of a tough-love drug counselor to the world's oil-addicted consumers even as he continues to be the globe's biggest pusher

archived May 18, 2008

Energy industries - May 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

As Gazprom goes, so goes Russia
Is ExxonMobil's future running dry?
Mines engineers in pivotal position, Yergin tells grads
Scientific American: Nuclear fuel recycling - more trouble than it's worth
World coal demand has prices skyrocketing

archived May 11, 2008

Oil supplies - May 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Saudi Arabia's Ghawar isn't sinking (but has apparently moved)
Russian oil: Trouble in the pipeline
OPEC sees no oil shortage, would pump more if needed

archived May 9, 2008

Oil producers - May 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Indonesia mulls Opec withdrawal
Saudi fears of high oil prices fade
Russia agrees 40% rise in energy prices

archived May 7, 2008