Russia & Central Asia

Deep thought - Aug 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

EROEI - most important criterion for deciding how to meet energy needs?
The source of hope
David Holmgren and FutureScenarios (re-post)
Ghost Town & Land of Wolves (Chernobyl)
Economic growth mongering and its apologists

archived August 24, 2008

Russia and geopolitics - Aug 24

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia shuts out West's supermajors
Russia and Iran: crisis of the west, rise of the rest
Kazakhstan considers to divert oil export route from BTC to Russia
Russia values oil more than war
Gazprom falls as analysts `shocked' by spending plan

archived August 24, 2008

Peak oil - Aug 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Geologist Jeffrey Brown: the oil peak is past
Russian oil exports: dropping, but why?
Q: Will we see $3 gasoline before we see $5?
Are oil prices rigged?
Wikipedia megaproject update

archived August 22, 2008

Georgia and geopolitics - Aug 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Steve LeVine: After Georgia, a day of reckoning for Washington
Jerome a Paris: Why is the "West" so bad at strategy?
Kunstler: Reality bites again
Patrick Buchanan: Who started Cold War II?

archived August 21, 2008

Peak oil, prices, supplies - Aug 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Jad Mouawad: As oil giants lose influence, supply drops
A few speculators dominate vast market for oil trading
The future is now; the end of cheap oil
Russia sees oil output stalling
Raymond James: State of Russian oil ‘much worse than we would have imagined 6 months ago’

archived August 21, 2008

Russia: There is life after peak oil

Ugo Bardi, The Oil Drum: Europe

Several years ago, at what seemed to be one of the darkest moments of the Russian collapse, I was walking in one of the avenues of Moscow. I noticed a series of large signs hanging from lampposts, showing traditional Russian buildings and landscapes. One of my Russian colleagues translated the text of the signs for me as saying, "Nobody will help Russia, so Russia will have to help herself". Government propaganda? Sure, but that is what the Russians did. Never underestimate a country that has survived peak oil.

archived August 20, 2008

Peak Oil Review - August 18

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

An executive summary of weekly news from a US peak oil perspective, featuring:
- Production and Prices

- Oil from the Caspian

- Chinese Demand

- Briefs

archived August 18, 2008

Georgia & geopolitics - Aug 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Krugman: The Great Illusion
Jad Mouawad of NY Times: US efforts threatened
TOD: Georgia discussion
The bear's Achilles heel
CSM: Petropolitics at heart of Russia-Georgia clash
Georgia Pipeline is new Strait of Hormuz
Michael Klare interview

archived August 17, 2008

The BTC, oil prices and a war in the Caucasus

Dave Cohen, Energy Bulletin

As crude oil gets more and more precious in upcoming years, strategic geopolitical moves to control a larger share of that oil will become more frequent. Putin has forcefully made his point about who will control the Caucasus.

archived August 15, 2008

Georgia conflict - Aug 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Shattered Georgia pays high price for peace
A roadblock to Russian oil and gas
Kjell Aleklett: Oil and the war in Georgia
Clash of identities triggered Caucasus crisis
BP shuts Georgia oil, gas pipelines as a precaution
Georgia conflict 'a threat to strategic energy supplies'
It is largely about oil pipelines
Oil in troubled mountains

archived August 13, 2008