Russia & Central Asia

Prices & supplies - Nov 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

How U.S. policy made oil go up. Then down
Chevron project offers glimpse of future: more work, less oil
Exxon's production falls as profits soar
Russia, China sign landmark oil pipeline deal

archived November 2, 2008

Russia & China - Oct 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Putin suggests Russia, China ditch dollar in trade deals
Russia's oil boom: Miracle or mirage?
China sets price for cooperation on climate change

archived October 29, 2008

Energy producers - Oct 5

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Boomtown Dubai feels effects of a global crisis
The party's over for Iceland
Bolivia: defeat of the right
Behind the bluster, Russia Is collapsing

archived October 5, 2008

Back from the future collapse

Ugo Bardi, The Oil Drum: Europe

With his book "Reinventing Collapse", Dmitry Orlov reports to us from a collapse that he has actually experienced with the fall of the Soviet Union. Russia's past is our future and Orlov's book is a time machine to there.

archived September 24, 2008

Geopolitics & the energy curse - Sept 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Kazakh oil: a war of nerves
Global warming threatens Asia-Pacific security, warns Australian PM
Fresh violence in Bolivia stokes civil war fears
Poison Fire interview (film about Nigerian oil)
Monbiot: protectionism makes you rich

archived September 13, 2008

Geopolitics - September 9

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia: Folly of the progressive fairytale
How the West is losing the energy cold war
Shut up, Borat - the tinderbox of Kazakhstan oil

archived September 9, 2008

Russia - September 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Beware the bear trap
Understanding Putin and the conflict in the Caucasus
Russia remains a Black Sea power
The great-power trap

archived September 1, 2008

Food & agriculture - Sept 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Monty Don, new head of UK Soil Assn, calls for wholesale change of food system
Russia’s collective farms: hot capitalist property
China raises, extends fertiliser export duties
Raj Patel on the mystery ingredients in our food

archived September 1, 2008

Russia - Aug 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia says will ensure oil flows to Europe
Punishing Russia could prove costly
Russia is fighting a new Cold War with banks and pipelines, not tanks and warplanes

archived August 30, 2008

Note to Biden on the Russian energy weapon

Jerome a Paris, Daily Kos

Russian behavior is driven to a large extent by the personal strategies and interests of a few individuals at the very top. There is no overarching geopolitical plan, but a lot of political infighting and short term asset-grabbing strategies. That may be even more worrying in itself than purposeful strategies to use the "energy weapon", but the motivations are different. It is true however that the global energy situation allows Russia to be a lot more assertive, or even brutal, on the international stage, and there's little that can be done about that ... [There is something that] Europe can actually do: it controls its own demand, and should focus its efforts on that.

archived August 24, 2008