Russia & Central Asia

Geopolitics - Jan 4

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia-Ukraine: A market dispute
The carbon footprint of nuclear war
Michael Klare: Time to kill the oil beast

archived January 4, 2009

Ukraine-Russia: some background and context

Jerome a Paris, European Tribune

Worries about Russia or Gazprom using the "gas weapon" against Europe are misplaced. In their official capacity, both are keenly aware of their absolute dependency on exports to Europe for a huge chunk of the country's income, and on the need for stable, reliable long term relationships to finance the investments needed in gas infrastructure (and they know their clients share that need). They are happy to play power politics with the West's worries as this goes down well with their own domestic audiences, but fundamentally they will not rock the gas boat.

archived January 3, 2009

Peak oil, prices & supplies - Jan 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Gazprom set to halt gas to Ukraine
For Big Oil, a day of reckoning
Top story of the year: global oil production peaked in 2008
CAPP'S Crude Oil Forecast

archived January 1, 2009

Peak oil review - Dec 29

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A weekly review including:
- Prices and production
- Russia
- Electric Cars
- Briefs

archived December 29, 2008

Peak oil, prices & supplies - Dec 29

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Gazprom warns W. Europe could be hit by gas shortages
UK Times: Oil giants are itching to invade Iraq
Pengrowth acknowledge peak oil
Deutsche Bank: Demand for oil will fall by largest margin in 25 years
A recent history of oil prices
The Oil Drum's year-end report

archived December 29, 2008

Peak Oil Notes - Dec 18

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A mid-week update on peak oil, featuring:
- The OPEC decision
- IEA says 2020
- The Detroit saga

archived December 18, 2008

Geopolitics - Nov 27

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia’s comeuppance
Gulf's woes bode ill for the oil and gas we need
Oiligarchy: A game with a message
The slow death of Gaza
What the pirates say

archived November 27, 2008

Budapest "Nabucco Summit" to turn pipedream into reality

Peter Pogany, Energy Bulletin

With U.S. and EU participation, a vital meeting in the Hungarian capital next January will seal commitments for the long-contemplated Turkey-Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria (Nabucco) gas pipeline. Opposition from Russia’s mighty Gazprom, uncertainty surrounding relations with Iran, and the roiling world economic turmoil cast doubt on the project’s future.

archived November 18, 2008

The Five Stages of Collapse

Dmitry Orlov, Energy Bulletin

The talk you are about to hear is the result of a lengthy process on my part. My specialty is in thinking about and, unfortunately, predicting collapse. My method is based on comparison: I watched the Soviet Union collapse, and, since I am also familiar with the details of the situation in the United States, I can make comparisons between these two failed superpowers.

I was born and grew up in Russia, and I traveled back to Russia repeatedly between the late 80s and mid-90s. This allowed me to gain a solid understanding of the dynamics of the collapse process as it unfolded there.

archived November 11, 2008

Peak oil, prices & supplies - Nov 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

IEA predicts oil price to rebound to $100
Highlights of the IEA report
Peak gas output could come 'earlier than we think': Shell's Mills
$10 per barrel: in Russia, it's actually arrived
Robert Rapier has a warning you should hear

archived November 6, 2008