Russia & Central Asia

Natural gas - June 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russian move raises supply crunch fears
Reject Russia’s Energy ‘Blackmail’, Vaclav Havel Urges Europe
EU executive demands new powers in gas crises

archived June 18, 2009

Geopolitics - May 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Report: Climate change will bring big problems for small number of countries
Moscow warns of future energy wars
King Abdullah of Jordan's ultimatum: peace now or it’s war next year
Pipelineistan goes Af-Pak

archived May 15, 2009

Welcome to Fuffland!

Dmitry Orlov, ClubOrlov

In the unfolding global financial collapse, it is not just our accounts and balance sheets that come up short, but our language as well. What do you call a bunch of liar loans packaged into toxic assets and placed on the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve as collateral for rescue loans? ... The Russians actually have a word for precisely the thing that has bewitched us, first accounting for an ever-increasing share of our gross domestic product, and is now responsible for our ever-larger financial black hole.

archived March 23, 2009

Peak oil & supplies - March 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russia to cut oil exports, raise domestic consumption - Sechin
Saudi warns of 'catastrophic' energy crunch
Mass. conference on health care and peak oil (April 14)

archived March 22, 2009

Local food: success is 100% possible

Tim from Moncton/NB, ClubOrlov

Russian household plots produced about 90% of all the potatoes in Russia, 80% of all the vegetables, 50% of the meat and milk, etc.

archived February 28, 2009

Perestroika 2.0 beta

Dmitry Orlov, ClubOrlov

Congratulations, everyone, we have a new president: a fresh new face, a capable, optimistic, inspiring figure, ushering in a new era of responsibility, ready to confront the many serious challenges that face the nation; in short, we have us a Gorbachev.

archived January 23, 2009

Turmoil - Jan 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Eastern Europe braced for a violent 'spring of discontent'
Study looks at mortality in post-Soviet era (importance of community)
Military report raises concerns about social unrest fueled by globalization, urbanization
The new ecology of war (Mike Davis interview)

archived January 18, 2009

United States - Jan 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Heinberg: Opportunity for FUNDAMENTAL change
Friedman: If China and America each give birth to a pig — a big, energy-devouring, climate-spoiling stimulus hog ...
A Crossroad for Russia and America
Upgrading the electric grid - many pluses but some minuses too
RMI's oil imports map

archived January 12, 2009

Gazprom-Ukraine - Jan 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Gas emergency declared across Europe
Ukraine and Russia: the role of a middleman
The Russian bear?

archived January 8, 2009

Gazprom-Ukraine flare up

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Jérôme Guillet: The battle of the oligarchs behind the gas dispute
Europe begins to feel gas pipeline pinch
Ukraine will end up paying more – but it needs to wean itself off Russian gas
It's time to see through Gazprom
Gazprom's tactics harsh but its logic sound

archived January 6, 2009