Middle East

Prices and supplies - Aug 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Yet another forecast for Saudi oil production
Does another run higher for crude await?
Rush to Arctic as warming opens oil deposits
Raymond J. Learsy and abiotic oil

archived August 13, 2008

Peak oil - Aug 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

David Strahan: Have we reached the end of the road for oil?
Rising need of crude in energy rich nations
Heinberg on Al Jazeera TV
CIBC's Ben Tal sees $200 oil
Energy: It's still cheap (Matt Simmons. interview)

archived August 10, 2008

Prices & supplies - July 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Huge oil trading loss sinks energy trader SemGroup
Polar power: vast oil find in Arctic
The coming gas supply shock in the Gulf

archived July 25, 2008

Supplies - July 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Pemex may drill outside Mexico for first time if reforms fail
Record Iranian output belies oil sector travails
Russia's Gazprom agrees to develop Iranian oil, gas fields
You say crisis. I say opportunity (Jim Gray of Canadian Hunter Exploration)

archived July 22, 2008

Peak oil is a done deal

Dave Cohen , ASPO-USA / Energy Bulletin

I now believe that the hypothesis of a near or medium-term peak in the world's oil supply is confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt. A shift in emphasis that speaks to reducing our demand for oil and examining alternatives to oil is now required. I will be taking that road in the future, leaving specific concerns about the oil supply behind.

archived July 17, 2008

Geopolitics - July 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The militarization of energy security
Russian oil to Czechs slows after U.S. pact
Pull-out demand signals final Bush defeat in Iraq
U.S., Iraq scale down negotiations over forces

archived July 13, 2008

Prices - July 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Saudis worry over high prices on oil
Wall Street vs. Main Street
Oil zooms up $5-plus on Iran fears

archived July 12, 2008

Gasoline prices: to trust or not to trust

Steve LeVine, The Oil and the Glory

One of the vexing parts of the runup in oil prices is Saudi Arabia. No, not that it has so much oil and the world is sending so much money over there to buy it. Instead, it's that almost the sum total of our knowledge that the Saudis can keep supplying the oil is that they say they can.

archived July 11, 2008

Oil industry - July 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Pemex Cantarell output drops most since 1995 on spending limits
Chinese and Japanese best-placed for oil contracts in Iraq
Genesis of a giant

archived July 8, 2008

Geopolitics - July 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Book review: How British colonialists tried to run the Middle East
John Bellamy Foster: Peak oil and energy imperialism
Crude oil falls after Iran signals confidence in nuclear talks
Zakaria: Oil prices make it hard for U.S. to pressure Iran

archived July 7, 2008