Hydrogen & fuel cells

Then & now

Roger Blanchard, ASPO-USA

Recently a friend gave me a copy of a January 22, 1973 issue of Newsweek. The cover title was “The Energy Crisis”. It’s interesting to look back and see how things have changed; or, to be more accurate, not changed.

archived July 13, 2009

Transport - May 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Bioelectricity better than biofuels for transport
U.S. Drops Research Into Fuel Cells for Cars
Flush with Camaro orders, GM workers on OT

archived May 11, 2009

Energy limits to growth: integrating energy sources - part III

Richard Heinberg, Richard Heinberg/Post Carbon Institute

This content is no longer available. It was a pre-publication draft of a section of "Energy Limits to Growth," a report that will be published in expanded form by Post Carbon Institute and International Forum on globalization in May.

archived March 20, 2009

Thinking about energy - Dec 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

NYT: A world of a different color (horsepower)
Headlights burn more fuel?
The end of the road for hydrogen?

archived December 1, 2008

Dysfunction - August 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Mad cows (and livid lambs)
China and India: heartlands of global protest
Outside U.S., credit cards tighten grip
Local scientist splits water, saves world, gets on TV

archived August 12, 2008

Transport - August 4

staff, Energy Bulletin

The problem with walk score, the possibilities of carbon goggles
Automakers race time as their cash runs low
Addiction: A million little miles per gallon
Consumer auto expert Reed: ‘panic in boardrooms’ of GM, Ford as it becomes clear electric cars ‘really coming’

archived August 4, 2008

Australia report on future of transport fuels - July 11

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Peak oil: petrol to reach $8 a litre
Fuel for thought - CSIRO's report on the future of transport fuels
ASPO-Australia's response to CSIRO report
Petrol report a wake-up call: environmentalists

archived July 11, 2008

Air travel - May 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Strahan: How do you solve a problem like jet fuel?
Monbiot: Consider the airship

archived May 6, 2008

Transport - Apr 15

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Homer-Dixon: future of travel and conferences
Oil, environment, lifestyle fuel Asia's two-wheeler boom

Kunstler on Flagstaff and hydrogen cars

archived April 15, 2008

Transport - Mar 28

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Americans drove less in 2007 for first time
Slow down a little, save a lot of gas
Kunstler on the fate of Flagstaff & hydrogen cars

archived March 28, 2008