Other resource depletion

Water - Sept 30

Staff, Energy Bulletin

California took on energy crisis, now it faces water crisis
FLOW: The Film that Will Change the Way You Think About Water
The New Corporate Threat to Our Water Supplies
Bottled Water at Issue in Great Lakes

archived September 30, 2008

Geopolitics - Sept 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Moscow strengthens presence in U.S.' backyard
US generals planning for resource wars
Pakistan's Zardari Tries to Keep His Distance from US

archived September 26, 2008

Water - Sept 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Ban near on diverting water from Great Lakes
Peter Gleick: Deal with the water crisis now
Running dry

archived September 25, 2008

Solutions & sustainability - Sept 23

Staff, Energy Bulletin

New system could help avert collapse of fisheries
Peak climate (audio) Part 1 is Dr. Peter Ward on past extinctions & violent climate change, Part 2 is Julian Darley, founder of the Post Carbon Institute, on how to live past the energy crisis
Isle of plenty

archived September 23, 2008

The evolution of peak oil coverage - a grassroots view

Bart Anderson, Energy Bulletin

These are the slides and text for a presentation given at the ASPO-USA conference September 21-23.

In these ten minutes, I'd like to provide a context for the discussion. I'd like to paint a broadbrush picture of where we were, and where we are going. It will be from the viewpoint of someone inside the movement looking out.
From the grassroots, rather than from the media.

archived September 20, 2008

Food & agriculture - Sept 13

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Phosphorus: Running low of an essential fertilizer?
UK's sodden farmers struggling with a changing climate
Lessons from Cuba
Employing insect farmers

archived September 13, 2008

Peak phosphorus: Quoted reserves vs. production history

James Ward, Energy Bulletin

A hypothesis is presented whereby phosphorus is considered in two broad forms: “easy” which is able to be mined quickly, but already peaked in 1990, and “hard” which has large remaining reserves and is yet to peak, but cannot be mined as quickly. ... Ultimately we must develop a recyclable phosphorus supply if humans are to continue living on this planet.

archived August 26, 2008

Population - August 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Population Bomb Author's fix for next extinction: educate women
Peak population
Social Scientists Seek Answer To Exploding Population

archived August 14, 2008

Even giants are being hurt by rising energy prices

Julian Darley, Post Carbon Institute

If we were willing - and in some cases able - to pay more for food, then some serious problems with our food system might be solved. The trouble is that along the path towards a better, more sustainable farming and energy system, there will be many casualties

archived August 10, 2008

Peak oil & metals - Aug 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Surviving the Apocalypse, on two wheels (Canadian thief hoards 2800 bikes)
Peak oil adds fuel to Swiss energy debate
Why the blackout on peak oil?
Simply not enough oil and gas to go around
‘Peak metal’ problems loom, warns scientist

archived August 8, 2008