Other resource depletion

Waste - Oct 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Unnatural resources - (mining landfills)
Better packaging, better benefits
Uncle Sam wants you: cardboard sculptures carry serious message about recycling

archived October 22, 2008

Food & agriculture - Oct 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Oregon farmers are loving biosolids
(Re)discovering (s)oil
Agriculture: Unsustainable Resource Depletion Began 10,000 Years Ago

archived October 21, 2008

Food & agriculture - Oct 17

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Organic Agriculture Is Better Than Industrial Agriculture
Food: does diversity matter? (audio)
Iceland can avoid shortages, needs funds-importers
Food crisis billions failing to arrive, warn reports
A food crisis is heading our way

archived October 17, 2008

Climate & environment - Oct 14

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis'
Climate author goes political
Global fund 'could pay owners to keep rainforests safe'

archived October 14, 2008

Food & agriculture - Oct 10

Staff, Energy Bulletin

U.S. city dwellers flock to raising chickens
The war over GM is back. Is the truth any clearer?
Is a food bank answer to the crisis?
Supermarkets urged to reduce choice and meat sales
Peak phosphorus: Quoted reserves vs. production history

archived October 10, 2008

Solutions & sustainability - Oct 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The futureproofers
Rural communities best equipped to cope with climate change: UN report
World Resources 2008: Roots of Resilience - Growing the Wealth of the Poor
Natural healing

archived October 8, 2008

Deep Thought - Oct 8

Staff, Energy Bulletin

All distant problems are not created equally
The Age of Unbridled Consumption Just Ended
Herman Daly on the Credit Crisis, Financial Assets, and Real Wealth
Fall of the technological world

archived October 8, 2008

Peak textiles - Oct 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Make Your Own Homemade Natural Dyes
Woody Harrelson's view of hemp farming: strong fibres, and cuts pesticides
From Recycled Scraps To Museum-Quality Quilts

archived October 7, 2008

Water - Oct 3

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Ebb without Flow: Water May Be the New Oil in a Thirsty Global Economy
Water debate: The propostion "Water, as a scarce resource, should be priced according to its market value"
The Harsh Economics of the Global Water Crisis

archived October 3, 2008

Review: 'Depletion and Abundance’ by Sharon Astyk

Frank Kaminski, Seattle Peak Oil Awareness

Why are so few peak oil authors women? There’s been much debate about this, and no one has yet arrived at a definitive answer. But whatever the reason, Sharon Astyk has established herself as a true rarity within the peak oil community by virtue of being a woman who has chosen to write about peak oil. The perspective that she offers is thus both uncommon and vital.

archived September 30, 2008