Other resource depletion

Deep Thought - Nov 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

The Last Viridian Note
Finite Resources Explain the Financial Crisis
Moore’s Curse and the Great Energy Delusion

archived November 21, 2008

Deep Thought - Nov 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Economics blind spot is a disaster for the planet
Ecological Crises and the Agrarian Question in World-Historical Perspective
Abdicating the "A" word, frantically fighting for the familiar

archived November 18, 2008

Higher lows

Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights

One indicator of resource depletion will be whether a new floor is established that is significantly above previous historical real prices. In other words, higher lows will be more indicative of our situation than higher highs which are usually a very temporary phenomenon. Well, the bust has arrived much sooner than I anticipated. So, now seems like a good time to evaluate.

archived November 15, 2008

Transport - Nov 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Bolivia holds key to electric car future
Obama Asks Bush to Back Rescue of Automakers
California's car tax may be on the road again
Invest in Australian toll roads? No thanks!

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Food & agriculture - Nov 12

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Prices for oil, grains fall — but not for food
Fast Food: Just Another Name for Corn
Saving the nation's seed supply (slideshow, audio)

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"The Long Descent" by John Michael Greer: Coming up short on reality?

Carolyn Baker, Speaking Truth & Power

Throughout the Peak Oil and collapse of civilization milieu, much speculation abounds regarding the speed with which collapse might occur. Some theorists insist or imply that the descent will be rapid and dramatic while others argue for a more "slow burn" scenario, less dramatic and more stair-step-like in progression. The tone of proponents of acute collapse reverberates with urgency while the tone of authors who perceive collapse as occurring in a more protracted fashion is notable for its moderation and skepticism of the rapid descent theory.

archived November 11, 2008

Climate & environment - Nov 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Carbon-Capturing Rock
Is water the new oil?
Why small plastic particles may pose a big problem in the oceans
Swiss Guardian of our Climate video)

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Deep Thought - Nov 7

Staff, Energy Bulletin

David Suzuki: Renewable energy requires strength of will
Thinking Like an Ecosystem
Losing the edge?
Zero immigration and sustainable populations

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The Last Recession? Or Our Best Opportunity for Hope?

Jerry Silberman, Energy Bulletin

As the drama of the bursting bubble of Wall St. gives way to a slower, but steady and painful, economic decline, the first and most important question we should ask is "Should we try to blow another bubble, or should we reject bubble culture values for something entirely different?"

archived November 7, 2008

Economics - Nov 6

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Julian Darley: Putting on the brakes
Inside Commodities: Is the Bull Run Over, or Just Taking a Break?
Jeff Rubin: Oil Prices Caused the Current Recession

archived November 6, 2008