Other resource depletion

Museletter 200: Memo to the President-elect on Energy Realism and the Green New Deal

Richard Heinberg, Global Public Media

Our continued national dependence on fossil fuels is creating a crippling vulnerability to both long-term fuel scarcity and catastrophic climate change.

The current economic crisis requires substantial national policy shifts and enormous new government injections of capital into the economy. This provides an opportunity for a project whose scope would otherwise be inconceivable: a large-scale, coordinated energy transition away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy.

archived December 5, 2008

Economists without a clue

Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute

Prepare to observe the spectacle of the two great economic paradigms of the twentieth century crashing to the ground, locked in mortal combat.

archived December 4, 2008

Preventing deforested moonscapes - part II

Peak Oil Hausfrau, Blogspot

After an oil peak, pressure will increase to cut trees to serve as fuel for heating and cooking fires, as well as to clear land for agriculture. Many other countries who have faced this pressure have become bleak places prone to soil erosion, mudslides, dust storms and finally, desertification.

archived December 2, 2008

ODAC Newsletter - Nov 27

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly digest from a UK perspective.

archived November 27, 2008

Climate & environment - Nov 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Heinberg: Top of the Food Chain
Carbon is forever
Acidic seas threaten coral and mussels

archived November 26, 2008

Water - Nov 26

Staff, Energy Bulletin

One-third of China's Yellow river 'unfit for drinking or agriculture'
Water in the Middle East: Plugging the supply gap
Experts call for end of flushing toilets on World Toilet Day

archived November 26, 2008

George Monbiot is arguing with me… that has to be good

Sharon Astyk, Casaubon's Book

The words “holy crap” were pretty much the first ones to my lips this morning, when several people sent me George Monbiot’s latest column...After being so flattered I could die, I suffered the irresistable desire to argue back, and I’m going to...

archived November 26, 2008

Climate & environment - Nov 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Monbiot: The planet is now so vandalised that only total energy renewal can save us
Forest protection plan could displace millions, say campaigners
Schwarzenegger's bid to save the rainforest
Tell Barack Obama the Truth – The Whole Truth (about climate change) - PDF

archived November 25, 2008

Food & agriculture - Nov 25

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Peak phosphorous
Thousands pick up free vegetables on Colo. farm
Radical producers go free-range on farm policy (Joel Salatin)
New geopolitics of world agriculture
Russia Today: Earth faces starvation

archived November 25, 2008

Trickle down - Nov 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

It was our national pastime – but now shopping is just so over
Many Brisconnections shareholders facing financial ruin (confluence of energy and financial crises)
The animals and plants we cannot live without

archived November 21, 2008