peak energy in the news:

Depletion - June 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Multinationals eye up lithium reserves beneath Bolivia's salt flats
Will fertiliser scarcity harm farm economy?
Pressure over land rights to increase, conference told

archived June 19, 2009

Peak oil, prices & supplies - June 19

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Institute for Defense Analyses: Review and Analysis of the Peak Oil Debate
Aleklett talk in Adelaide(podcast and slides)
"The Global Crisis Is Really About a 140-dollar Barrel of Oil"*(Rubin interview)
Oil Age still has some time to run
Energy Journal Roundup: June 2009

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ODAC Newsletter - June 19

Staff, Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

A weekly review from a UK perspective.

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Return to Babel

Damien Perrotin, The View from Brittany

Saving some of our civilization's achievements for our successors is certainly something worth fighting for. The problem is that bequeathing them a hoard of textbooks written on acid-free paper won't be of much use if they don't understand them... as it is very likely to be the case.

archived June 19, 2009

Bad signs, new bubbles

Dave Cohen, ASPO-USA

The rise in oil prices (and commodities generally) driven by speculation that I described earlier is now the conventional wisdom among observers who aren’t directly vested in blowing a new bubble. The economy is on its knees, but Americans must cope with daily increases in the price of gasoline.

archived June 18, 2009

The peak oil crisis: the year of the dollar

Tom Whipple, Falls Church News-Press

As strange as it may seem, the peak oil crisis, which has been focused on geologic constraints to oil production, supply and demand, geopolitical threats and inadequate investment, seems to be morphing into an issue of how much debt the U.S. Treasury can sell and still keep interest rates under control.

archived June 18, 2009

Peak oil notes - June 18

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A weekly round-up including:
- Prices and production
- Iran

archived June 18, 2009

Natural gas - June 18

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Russian move raises supply crunch fears
Reject Russia’s Energy ‘Blackmail’, Vaclav Havel Urges Europe
EU executive demands new powers in gas crises

archived June 18, 2009

Maintaining Our Prosperity

Lionel Orford, Lionel Orford

Australia’s new Energy White Paper will be crucial in dealing prudently and effectively with the immense challenges facing Australia as the era of cheap energy and the economic system based upon it comes to an end. We are now in the early stages of an unprecedented economic failure - the terminal decline and probable collapse of global Capitalism.

archived June 15, 2009

Survival isn't cost-effective

John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report

If industrial civilization perishes, this will most likely happen because the steps needed to save it weren't considered cost-effective. In this first of a series of posts on the economics of the deindustrial future, the Archdruid explores the economic limits -- some real, others conjured into being by mistaken ideologies -- that stand in the way of constructive responses to the crisis of our time.

archived June 18, 2009