peak energy in the news:

Transition communities gear up for society's collapse with a shovel and a smile

Alastair Bland, North Bay Bohemian

Localized efforts have sprouted from the ground up in Santa Cruz, Cotati, Sebastopol, San Francisco and many other towns worldwide, where residents and neighbors are putting their heads together and collaborating on ways to relocalize themselves, bolster self-sufficiency and build the resilience that communities will need to absorb the shock of peak oil.

archived June 23, 2009

Interview with Charlie Maxwell (Part 1 of 2)

Steve Andrews , ASPO-USA

"What struck me the most, as a surprise, is the virulence in the downtrend in the world economy. That’s a negative for the peak oil story, but only a temporary negative. By crushing demand, we are in effect gaining two more years, maybe three, in which we in the consuming world have added to our time before the peak, and could take good advantage of, since the peak is right upon us-I have it still at 2015 for all liquids." (Charlie Maxwell is the life-long oil industry analyst viewed by Barrons’ magazine as their energy guru.)

archived June 22, 2009

Cap and trade: unexpected friend to gas industry

Craig Severance, Energy Economy Online

You can see it in the faces of those gathered to hear the latest news on the natural gas industry: Anxiety. Anger. Fear of losing everything they have. Frustration that there seems nothing anyone can do.

archived June 22, 2009

Peak oil and supplies - June 22

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Despite Relatively Low Demand, Oil Prices Spike (text and audio)
Greens told no alternative to fossil fuels
Study Shows Expense of Finding Oil, Nat. Gas Soared in 2008

archived June 22, 2009

Peak oil news - June 22

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A weekly review including:
- Production and Prices
- Iraq
- Natural Gas
- Briefs

archived June 22, 2009

Green shoots: An alternative view

Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights

I am seeing green shoots everywhere these days. But not in the places in which Wall Street's strident financial cheerleaders and Washington's happy economists are. I am seeing green shoots in the many cracks in the suburban neighborhood roads I now travel daily by bicycle.

archived June 21, 2009

Deep thought - June 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Collapse Dynamics: Phase transitions in complex social systems
How will knowledge of collapse impact collapse?
Again social evils haunt Britain. Do we still have the spirit to thwart them?
Machiavelli's insight

archived June 21, 2009

Renewables & efficiency - June 21

Staff, Energy Bulletin

La Revolucion Energetica: Cuba's energy revolution
Global warming: send in the tanks (the magic of immersion heaters)
Urban energy innovation in the global South

archived June 21, 2009

Peak oil, supplies & prices - June 20

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Why we need the national academy of sciences to study peak oil
Peak flow rates, not peak oil?
The pitfalls of natural gas as the default climate change option
GM preparing for high oil prices: chief executive

archived June 20, 2009

IDA study on Peak Oil debate (August 2008) (review)

Rick Munroe, Armed Forces Journal Forum

The study’s executive summary ends with these two sentences: “We conclude from these reviews that the most alarmist of the peak-oil claims are likely false. Still, we see some convincing reasons to think that global oil production could peak within 20 years, with demand outstripping production indefinitely.”

archived June 19, 2009