peak energy in the news:

World Oil Crisis Looms

Janes Foriegn Report staffer, Janes Defence Weekly

Geologists and analysts have been saying for some time that estimates of global oil reserves may be dangerously exaggerated. The oil industry has been gripped by scandal since Royal Dutch/Shell twice this year downgraded its proven oil reserves by 20 per cent, or nearly 4bn barrels. Shell may not be alone. Other companies and even governments have hyped up the estimates of how much oil they have, which is a vital factor in measuring their economic health.... About four-fifths of the world's known oil reserves lie in politically unstable or contested regions.

archived April 20, 2004

Oil production in decline

John Schneider, Cincinnati Post, Online Edition (US)

Producers currently discover about one barrel of "new oil" for every four barrels that are consumed worldwide, and there have been no large oil or gas discoveries in recent years. Anywhere. It gets worse. The world's largest oilfields have been producing for many decades and now require heroic measures (such as pumping in seawater or steam) to coax the oil from the ground.

archived April 20, 2004

When the last oil well runs dry

Alex Kirby, BBC

Just as certain as death and taxes is the knowledge that we shall one day be forced to learn to live without oil.

archived April 18, 2004

Plan War and the Hubbert Oil Curve, An Interview with Richard Heinberg

David Ross, ZNet Venezuala

Richard Heinberg is a professor at the Santa Rosa branch of the New College of California, where he teaches courses on Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community.

archived April 16, 2004

Guzzling Gas

Washington Post Editorial, Washington Post

IN POORER COUNTRIES, a rise in the price of bread can set off a revolution. In this country, the price of gasoline sometimes seems to have the same kind of power.

archived March 28, 2004

Oil Shortage?

Stanley Reed, Business Week
archived April 4, 2004