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Debt, oil and healthcare reform

Dan Bednarz, PhD, Health after Oil

...the ongoing healthcare debate in Washington is anachronistic. A future oriented analysis has to include two driving forces: first, the long-term consequences of the fiscal/economic crisis and, second, the arrival of geological peak oil...

archived July 2, 2009

Peak oil notes - July 2

Tom Whipple, ASPO-USA

A weekly round-up including:
- Prices and production
- The auction

archived July 2, 2009

Energy companies - July 2

Staff, Energy Bulletin

BP shuts alternative energy HQ
ExxonMobil continuing to fund climate sceptic groups, records show
Oil companies reject Iraq's terms

archived July 2, 2009

Where economics fails

John Michael Greer, The Archdruid Report

A major source of mistaken policy toward natural resources is the assumption, enshrined in modern economic theory, that the goods and services provided by nature are subject to the same rules as those provided by human labor. This seems abstract enough, but its impacts are profoundly tangible -- and may well include the financial crisis currently shaking the global economy to its core.

archived July 2, 2009

Transport - July 1

Staff, Energy Bulletin

Boeing's nightmare: Qantas dumps Dreamliners
Why gardening is more dangerous than cycling
Feathered fuel tank soaks up hydrogen

archived July 1, 2009

Commentary: Interview with Charles T. Maxwell (Part 2 of 2)

Steve Andrews, ASPO-USA

"We’re not going to have to help the oil industry. They already have all the help they need. I wouldn’t take away what they have but I wouldn’t add to it."(Charlie Maxwell is the life-long oil industry analyst viewed by Barrons’ magazine as their energy guru.)

archived June 29, 2009

My proposal for ASPO-USA 2009

Jon Cooksey, Energy Bulletin

Comedian, screenwriter and peak oil activist Jon Cooksey (How to Boil a Frog) presents his alt-reality agenda for the 2009 ASPO-USA conference.

Day 1. 9-9:01: Announcement that yes, peak oil is real and here now, and we’re running out of everything. All the usual presentations will be handed out as footnotes.

9:01-noon: Everyone who flew to the conference on a plane plants trees outside the hotel, followed by a pledge to forego driving double the number of miles they flew in the coming year. A Cadillac Escalade will be sacrificed to the god of climate change, Carbonus, just before lunch

archived July 1, 2009

On the rise ... again

Carl Etnier, Barre Montpelier (Vermont) Times Argus

Oil prices are inching upwards again. Just as last year, some people are starting to tell fairy tales instead of facing the reality of limited oil supplies.

archived July 1, 2009

Is the United States drifting toward "war socialism"?

Kurt Cobb, Resource Insights

We can still hope for unprecedented cooperation to manage the coming decline. But Jay Hanson ( may be right that if that cooperation doesn't emerge, we may be faced with a decision about making preparations for an all-out and probably violent scramble for the world's remaining resources--a contest in which a disciplined, cohesive and militarized society has the best chance of survival. Is he missing a viable third or fourth way?

archived June 30, 2009

Disaster Transitionism

Asher Miller, Post Carbon Institute

If you haven't read Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, you really should. It's an examination of how the Chicago School of Economics and its adherents have taken advantage of or created crises to further their privatization agendas.

archived June 30, 2009