Published Jun 2 2009 by Energy Bulletin
Archived Jun 2 2009

Volunteer translation checkers wanted

by Daniel Lerch, Post Carbon Institute

Want to help make the work of Richard Heinberg and other authors accessible to non-English speakers?

The Post Carbon translation team is currently seeking fluent speakers of Italian, French, Czech, Croatian, or German to spend just an hour or two checking translations of works by Post Carbon Institute authors for accuracy.

The main work of translation is largely being done by volunteer native speakers in their home countries, and in most cases the translations will be republished by the translator him/herself, with our permission.

Peak oil and climate change are complex topics in any language, however, so we want to ensure that nothing has been substantially lost or misinterpreted in these translations before we give final assent for their public release.

We simply ask our volunteer translation checkers to skim or spot-check the translated version versus the original and let us know if the translation is essentially accurate (for longer articles and most reports, this shouldn't take longer than an hour). We also ask translation checkers to get back to us within a week of receiving the articles to be checked.

If you would like to be a volunteer translation checker, please contact Daniel Lerch, Program Director, at:

Current projects list:
- ITALIAN: Translation of "The Food and Farming Transition" report (Heinberg, Bomford) near completion.
- FRENCH: Ongoing translation of Richard Heinberg's "Museletter" monthly newsletter underway.
- GERMAN: Short interview of Richard in /Der Spiegel/ needs translating into English.
- CZECH: Interest has been expressed in translating "The Food and Farming Transition" report.
- CROATIAN: Interest has been expressed in translating "Post Carbon Cities" book (Lerch).