Submitting articles to Energy Bulletin

Anyone can contribute to Here's how:

Step 1. Signing up

To publish you first need to create an account. You'll need to choose a username and a password, and a insert a valid email address. The sign up form is found here:

Step 2. Logging in.

If you just signed up you will be presented with a log in form.

If you a returning user, you can log in on the log in page.

Log in with the password you created.

Step 3. Fill in the form to add a story

Navigate to the Article Submission page. You can also navigate to this form by using the drop down menu at the top under Contribute Content (see image), and then choosing Story.

Fill in all the relevant fields.

Below are some hints for filling in the individual fields:

Is this article original? If the article was written by you, or you have permission to post it from the author, click yes.

Headline: Copy the headline from the original. If it is a headline for an article you've written, write a headline that is meaningful and that will attract readers.

Author: If there is no listed author, write 'Staff', or 'Unknown' if the former is not appropriate

Publisher: Publisher should be the name of the publication like 'The Guardian'

URL of Original:
This should be a direct link to where the article was first published. If there is no direct link to the article, put a link to the publisher's home page. Please include http:// in the link.

Date of original publication: Select the date that the original article was published, rather than the date you are submitting it to Energy Bulletin

Date of archival at Select the date you are submitting the article to Energy Bulletin

Teaser: Please write a summary of one to two sentences, or choose a quote from the article of about the same length. The summary appears only on the newswire summary pages, and not on the page where the full article is displayed. So if for instance you take the first paragraph and use it as a summary, also leave it in the body.

Body: Copy and paste the entire body of the article (without the date, headline, author etc.) into this field. If you know how to use HTML you can include some HTML tags in this field for italics, bolding and links. If you don't, ordinary plain text is fine.

Categories: Choose some categories which describe the content of the article. For example, if you choose "Food & agriculture", the article will be displayed in the list of articles when a user selects "Food & agriculture" in the checkbox to the left of Energy Bulletin page.

There is an hierarchy of categories. If you choose something low in the hierarchy like 'Photovoltaic' you do not need to choose any of those above it like 'Solar' or 'Renewables,' as your article will appear automatically in that section also. You can choose multiple categories by holding down the Control key when you choose subsequent categories.

Does the article specifically mention Peak Oil or Peak Energy? Choose yes or no. If the terminology is slightly different but the meaning is the same, also choose yes. This checkbox determines whether the article will appear on the left side of the Energy Bulletin page (for Peak Oil or Energy) or on the right.

Click Submit! That's it. The article is now in the database. It is considered pending until one of the editors reviews it, and approves it, but assuming it is considered relevant, you should see it shortly. Our editorial policy is available on the about us page.

Step 4. Adding another story

As long as you are logged on you should see the following two options, below the top menu, wherever you go within the site:


If anything is not clear or you notice any errors or bugs please contact us.

last update: 16 June 2000